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It was during the journey of writing, re-writing and finding a publisher for McLeary’s Mulligan that I discovered my passion for screenwriting. An active member of the Maryland Writers’ Association Screenwriting Critique Group since 2005, I have found the counsel of my peers to be an essential, if frequently painful, resource in the process of learning the craft of screenwriting.

Rearranging Roxy (A.K.A. Love, Dementia & Rock ‘N’ Roll)

A desperate, talented rocker strikes a deal with someone worse than the devil: her father, in a last effort attempt to keep her rock star dreams alive.

  • 2017 Finalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition
  • 2016 Finalist, Creative World Awards
  • 2016 Quarter-Finalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition

Three, Sir (A.K.A. McLeary’s Mulligan)

A disgraced golf prodigy and widower must fight for the comeback of a lifetime to earn his estranged son's respect and prove to his new girlfriend that he's finally ready to let go of his tragic past.

  • 2017 Quarter-Finalist, Creative World Awards
  • 2016 Finalist, Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition

Emancipating Maryland (a.k.a. Hijacking Maryland, MissGuided)

An awkwardly genius engineer, framed for a terrorist act, must thwart a plot by a ruthless cult leader to destroy the state government and replace it with her own.

  • 2017 Finalist, StoryPros International Screenplay Contest
  • 2017 Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest

Identity Czar

Convinced the ancestry results from her late boyfriend’s DNA test are a mistake, a woman struggles to get his blood sample back to avoid dangerous invasive genetic testing on her unborn baby; when the ancestry company refuses, she unravels a diabolical link between the testing company and the world-wide internet search engine her boyfriend used to buy it.

  • 2018 In Workshop

Jihad Extra

While on location in a remote village overseas, an extra in an all-female film discovers the other actresses are actually members of ISIS planning an attack and must find a way to escape them and alert the American authorities before their plan is carried out.

  • 2018 In Workshop


McLeary’s Mulligan, my first novel, was published under the Dark-N-Stormies imprint of Grace Abraham Publishing in 2004, and was named Finalist in both the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award and USA Book News “Best Books” Award for mystery/suspense.

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