Sundance Screenwriters Retreat with Dave Trottier

Shout-out to Dave Trottier and my fellow participants at this year’s Sundance Screenwriters retreat. Amazing learning experience in a nurturing environment. Can’t wait to go back!

Podcast: Advice for Aspiring Screenwriters

Author turned screenwriter, Bridget Bell McMahon, honed her writing skills over a decade of nights and weekends while raising two sons, paying her mortgage and enjoying the everyday moments of a working mom’s life. She shares practical advice with aspiring screenwriters and believes the road to a solid screenplay is paved with rewrites. Listen to […]

Screenwriting collaboration a.k.a. rock the rewrite!

This month’s Screenplay Critique Group tackled Act 1 of my new script, an action film with a female lead. Collaborative suggestions and spirited discussion encouraged and challenged me to dig deep and strive for nothing less than exceptional work. Thank you, team. Let the rewrites begin!


So excited to be part of such a dynamic group of writers. After spending time with former and current critique group members this past week and catching up on all they have been up to in furthering their art and craft, I am both humbled and encouraged. Much like parenting, writing is a long journey, […]

Maryland Writers’ Association Screenplay Critique Group January Meeting

With a stage play and mystery script on the docket, creative conversation flowed! Thank you writers and attendees for an awesome evening!

Creative Connection

Bravo to the cast and crew of “Motown: The Musical.” The songs interwoven with the civil rights and music industry storylines were beautiful and relevant. As “Diana Ross” encouraged the audience to “reach out and touch somebody’s hand” the crowd’s connection to the music and each other was palpable. Bravo!

Fun with Loglines!

Great meeting last night of the Maryland Writers’ Association Screenplay Critique Group. We spent the first half hour reading, evaluating and discussing loglines listed in the ScriptDC festival brochure. Next on the hot seat was a comedy feature rewrite. Super creative night.

Maryland Film Industry Coalition Reel to Real Party

Thank you MFIC for another great fundraiser to recognize the importance of film and television productions to Maryland’s economy and its citizens.

Inspiring Mimes

I observed a mime perform recently, enjoying her skill in conveying an elaborate story through non-verbal actions and expressions. Her performance inspired me with ideas to resolve an Act II weakness that I’d been struggling with in a recent screenplay. I’m grateful for spontaneous creativity in the world and carving out time to appreciate it […]

Thoughts on handwritten versus written

Today I found myself mediating a generational difference of opinion regarding “handwritten” versus “written” (e.g. text, email, post) words of thanks, condolence or greeting. Not at issue is the appreciation recipients of the aforementioned sentiments experience. The problem appears to be that the method of delivering these words can diminish the sentiment for some. In […]